From hypotheses to truth!

MetaProduct will help you to go step by step from initiating research and formulating hypotheses to solving its problems and achieving its goals.

Launch the researches

MetaProduct is a service that allows you to launch researches, store and organize the results of each of their stages

Work step by step

In MetaProduct You will be able to work on each stage of a research, set and see their statuses, track the progress of the research, and also generate a summary report

Describe the results

When working with research stages, you can describe their results in detail, create stage tasks, add respondent stories, and also:

  • format text;
  • add screenshots and layouts;
  • add links;
  • embed videos.

Work with respondents

In MetaProduct You will be able to keep track of all your respondents, as well as track the performance of their stories

Use ready-made schemas

In MetaProduct You will find a library of ready-made research schemas that can be suitable for launching a wide variety of studies: beginning with UX research and ending with author's work frameworks and schemas

Create your own schemas

In addition to ready-made schemas in MetaProduct you will also have the opportunity to create your own research categories, including exactly the steps that are required in your work

Personalize your account

MetaProduct has 19 color themes are available to change the appearance of the system to your liking

MetaProduct: Podprugin Ilya Alekseevich, 2021 2024